About Us

Mission Statement

The Colorado Academy of Audiology is organized for the purpose of promoting the public good by fostering the growth, development, recognition, and status of the profession of Audiology and its members.

The Colorado Academy of Audiology (CAA) is a professional non-profit 501(c)(6) organization of audiologists. Our members work in schools, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, early intervention programs, private practice, and universities, serving people of all ages who have hearing and communication disorders. Our membership is always open to interested professionals in related fields and students in audiology.

President’s Message


Dear Members and Colleagues,

I am honored to lead the Colorado Academy of Audiology in 2023. I am proud of what the academy has achieved over the past few years.

With approximately 90 members in Colorado, and with 600 audiologists in the state, we have an opportunity for growth in membership. I would like to increase the participation of audiologists in CAA.

We can only be the voice of audiologists in Colorado if we include a large portion the profession. I want to make sure everyone has their voice heard. I hope to invigorate Colorado audiologists to get involved
and help us make positive contributions. Reach out to your colleagues and encourage them to get involved.

I would like to recognize the hard work that the Board of Directors have done, both in the past and the work they are doing currently. One of the reasons the academy has been successful is the hard work and dedication of this wonderful team. I look forward to serving as your president. I am humbled and honored to be in this position, considering the outstanding team that keeps this a well-oiled machine running day-to-day throughout the year.

As Colorado audiologists, you have many opportunities to be engaged. There are many committees that need assistance this year. If you want to make a difference,
reach out to me and I can connect you with the appropriate committee.

If there is anything that the academy can assist with, or if you have ideas to help expand, please send me an e-mail at president@coaudiology.com

Bryan McDonald, Au.D.
2023 President
Colorado Academy of Audiology

Board of Directors

The CAA Board of Directors is composed of nine Officers who are elected as defined within the Bylaws.

Bryan McDonald Au.D.



Hannah Glick, Au.D.



Sarah Matthews, Au.D.

Past President


Emily Hensarling, Au.D.



Lauren Pontis, Au.D.

VP of Education


Laura Schauer, Au.D.

VP of Professional Issues


Sara Barnes, Au.D.

VP of Membership


Rebecca Welles, Au.D.

VP of Communications


Melissa Williams, Au.D.


Past & Present CAA Board of Directors Members – Since 1992


Colorado Academy of Audiology Awards

The Colorado Academy of Audiology awards two prestigious honors to individuals for their outstanding contributions to CAA and the field of Audiology.

Peak Performance Award

The Peak Performance Award is given to individuals to acknowledge an exemplary achievement or effort that contributes to the advancement of the field of audiology and/or a direct humanitarian contribution to society in the realm of hearing.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals dedicating their careers in the field of audiology resulting in a positive impact on their professional colleagues.

R. Steven Ackley Educators Award

Dr. R. Steven Ackley was an Audiology colleague, teacher, advisor, mentor, and friend. Dr. Ackley taught in virtually all the Colorado audiology programs, including 10 years at Colorado State University. He also spent a number of years as professor and Chair at the University of Northern Colorado. In 2000, Dr. Ackley joined the Department of Hearing Speech And Language at Gallaudet University served as faculty member, Audiology Program Director, and Department Chair. His teaching and mentoring was student-centered, and was focused on the importance of life-long learning, liberally seasoned with high expectations, humor, and humanitarian ideals. With a natural ability to connect with those around him, he often acted as a motivator for other’s research and professional development. The R. Steven Ackley Educators Award is given in the memory of Dr. Ackley to an outstanding professor in the field of Audiology that exemplifies practicum and classroom excellence and a mentoring style that promotes learning in a comfortable, developmental way.