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Types of Memberships

Fellow Membership

Membership as a Fellow shall be open to audiologists who have a minimum of a Master’s degree or AuD from an accredited institution and who are licensed to practice audiology in the United States. For audiologists in states which licensure is not available, the applicant must provide documentation of Board Certification by the American Academy of Audiology or the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to the Board. Audiologists who are licensed by the Colorado Department of Education and individuals with a graduate degree who are actively working in the field of research in audiology or hearing sciences are eligible to be Fellow Members [CAA Bylaws, 3.1a].


Membership as an Affiliate Member shall be open to non-audiologists who have an active professional interest in hearing, hearing science, and/or audiology and wish to remain informed and provide input regarding the activities of the Academy but are not eligible for Fellow Membership. Affiliate Membership does not entitle individuals to voting privileges [CAA Bylaws, 3.1d].


Membership as a Student Member shall be open to students enrolled full-time in audiology, hearing science, or allied studies. A member who holds a state license and is completing his or her AuD or PhD degree on a part-time basis or via continuing or distance education is not eligible for student membership [CAA Bylaws, 3.1b].


Membership as a Lifetime Membership shall be open to any CAA member who is at least 65 years of age and who has been a Fellow Member in good standing for a minimum of ten years. Lifetime Members are entitled to all benefits of membership as a Fellow including voting privileges with all dues waived [CAA Bylaws, 3.1e].